I have a good friend of mine, Evelyn, who is an artist, and I love her to death. She is opening people's eyes, opening the world to what we used to be. Currently she is working on a piece about sexuality and masturbation, and in order to get a better idea of what the average woman does, she sent out a questionnaire to her women friends. At first she sent me an email telling me it was about masturbation, and would I be ok with that. It just baffled me that the majority of women now would not be. Why are we so quick to dismiss something that is a part of daily life? Why are we, as a society, not comfortable with talking about sexuality? It's how we stay alive, as a race, for crying out loud! Is sex so taboo, that eventually we will just quit talking about it, and quit doing it, and breed ourselves into extinction? That is incredibly depressing.
   It also makes me wonder about women (and men too) who are not comfortable in their own skin. I know everyone has their insecurities, I do too, but if you don't love your body, then change it. I did some nude photos a while ago, and people who see them now always comment on how they would like to do something like that, but they aren't brave enough. It's not about bravery, it's about being comfortable. It's about being free. It's about you, in your raw state as you're meant to be seen. We have become so jaded to bare skin that new mothers are not comfortable enough to feed their children in public without covering themselves.
     Even then, while covered, people still make rude remarks. Breasts can be sensual, yes, but their purpose for being is to feed. What is so hard to understand about that? Why do people get all bent out of shape? They can, that's why. They say things, horrible nasty things, to a mother feeding their child because it's one of the few things they have control over. If a chick walks by wearing next to nothing, they will scoff at them, but not actually open their mouths, and yet a mother feeding a newborn is so much more offensive. This leads me to believe we will breed ourselves out of existence. We can't even feed our own children without ridicule! How do we even survive? Amazing.
   I wish every man and woman would walk around for a day naked. Just a day. Then we can all see.


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