We all know that one person. The one who always dates the guys/girls who treats her/him like poo, or the one who always has drama in their life. You know who I'm talking about. That one person who makes the same mistakes over and over and blames every one else. The one person who always seems to miss the one thing obvious to everyone else. If you are always dating the wrong people, well the only thing constant in every relationship...is you. Maybe try a different tactic, since obviously the old one isn't working for you. More drama in your life than a bad soap opera? Guess what! yup, you got it, you again. Life is full of drama, there is no escaping that fact, but you can choose how you handle it. If you don't like the way things are, then change them! I think we as a species are drawn to that which is warm and comforting but which ultimately will kill us in the end. Just like a moth to a flame. We do the same routines we always have because it's easy, it's comforting, but if you always do the same things, nothing will change. If you like your life, then by all means you're doing something right, continue on. However, most of us are always on the path of improvement. Which means unless you are already doing something to fix whatever needs fixing in your life, you need to change. Is that concept really that hard to understand? I see so many people complaining about some aspect of their lives they cannot control. Well then cut it out! Is a certain friend really bugging you? Then stop talking to that person! Family member dragging you down with their bad habits? Cut them out of your life. Heck it may be the wake up call they need. If you don't want to get burned then get out of the fire!

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