I guess I am a bit overdue for another blog, huh? It's just that, well, nothing exciting is going on! Except for my vacation, of course. Still getting things ready for that. With that being said, I did replace Chucky's brakes at the MINI of Dallas DIY day here recently. I had so much fun! It was a blast getting to learn things. And then, I replaced the turn signal bulbs and side scuttles all by mahself too! Yay, go me! I discovered something, though. I don't think the whole mechanic side of it is exciting. If I were to learn a lot about cars or whatever, I couldn't do that for a living. I think it's exciting just to learn new things. I want to be a student forever! So that begs the question...what profession would that fall under? My original major in school was Nuclear Engineering. That was mainly because math and science come so easy to me. Then I determined I wanted to be a zoologist. That is still a very real possibility. Depending on what I did with it. I could go into the research side and then it would be a constant learning! I guess that would be true for anything in a research field. I could always go back to nuclear engineering and just find a job at a research firm. That sounds like a plan. First, however, I have to start school back up. Can't wait for summer!! woot!
2/1/2011 12:56:15 pm

I totally agree about learning new things. To be a student for life, or even student of life, is to accept that there is always the possibility of knowing more, and no way you can completely learn it all and be done. I think being a researcher could be exciting, if you like the area of research obviously. Always room to grow.


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