Do you ever feel....shunned? That is how I have felt the past week or so. Pushed out, ignored, even laughed at and made fun of. It could all very well be in my head, but I notice it in the little things people do. In the expression on their faces when they first see me; It's the 'OMG it's HER' look, the one people erase half a second later and put on a fake smile. It makes me wonder what it is about me they don't like. The way I look? The way I act? What?

If I knew, I could fix it. I mentioned that in one of my earlier blogs; If you don't like yourself, change. But I DO like myself, for the most part. I think I'm just paranoid, and looking too hard for friendship. Everyone can be my friend! yay! But I seem to forget that not everyone wants to be my friend. Why should I be the one to change? It's not my fault they can't understand what I'm going through. So screw it. And screw them.

High school drama. You hear that phrase all the time. 'Stop with the high school drama, already.' The thing is, it never ends. we just learn to deal with it, with class. High school drama is not just for high schoolers. All the things we thought we left on the graduation stage, never end. Not having the latest fashions, not having the latest gadgets, not having the latest toys, cars, slang, whatever. It seems like I am always behind the curve. I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does. A lot. I think I'm still a bit emotional over everything.

Moral of the story! is, keep your chin up. One day someone will come along and be the best friend you ever had. They won't care you don't have an iPhone, or the latest (and probably ugliest) boots. I just hope they come soon, keeping my chin up is a lot of work for someone so tall.


02/01/2011 11:06pm

What?! you don't have an iphone?? omg.. just kidding haa :)

02/07/2011 3:08pm

Haha! Nope, and as far as I'm concerned I never will. Seriously debating getting a Droid though...


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