So here soon, I will be taking a vacation (yay) and going back home. Of course, I will visit with friends, and have all kinds of fun! Craig is jealous, naturally =oP. But he's also a little insecure about some things with him not being here. I understand this, and of course I will do what I can to make it easier, but it makes me wonder.

People always say that it takes a while to build trust back. I wonder if that is true. Sure, we've all had "those" relationships, where you don't trust the person as far as you can throw them, and they ultimately show you why. However, if someone who you did trust initially betrays you, do you ever trust them again? Even over time?

I don't think I could. If that person consented to all my demands after wards, I still don't think I could build up trust the way it was before. Every time they are in a situation that could potentially turn into a temptation, I would worry, and not trust them. Do you ever trust an alcoholic to drink again after they've been sober? What about a smoker, who has quit but only wants one "to go with beer/sex/food/whatever"? Why would you trust someone to not make the same mistake twice when it involves the heart?

To those of you who do, kudos to you =o). It takes a lot of courage to say, yes go ahead and go out with the guys, have a beer/smoke/comfort object and not think twice about it. I guess it's a good thing that as of now I trust Craig completely, and hopefully will never have to figure out how to tackle that particular problem.

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