So. Craig is looking to go overseas (to help with wedding expenses among other things). We had planned on him leaving mid-September so that way the wedding at the end of October could still happen. However. He hasn't left yet. As of right now it's looking like he's not leaving till January-ish. Which means it'll be a year after that till we can get married. So maybe a February wedding? Which throws our fall colors and such out the window! So much for the black cat cake toppers! Although if we do a winter wedding the colors will probably be all kinds of blues, with a light silvery blue being the color of choice. So back to the drawing board. For just about everything. Except our photographer, which we haven't even booked yet as we don't even have a date. But assuming they are available when we DO have a date set we are booking them! For anyone who may read this, you should check out Continuum Photography! They are based out of Portland, OR, but they are destination wedding photographers. Meaning they like to travel! And if you read their FAQ they're pretty funny. That's what caught my attention. Anyone who can make me laugh that hard while reading a FAQ has to love what they do. But I also like their style, and while colors and places and dates may change, some things won't. Like the bride and groom, obviously, and the fact that I want them to document our day, and (more or less) who we want to invite. At any rate, Craig is still looking for something to go over sooner, so it *may* still happen in October, but probably not. Just wanted to let you peeps know!

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