Yeah..I don't have it. the MINI event is getting closer, I have been neglecting some key things to do. Like paint my derby car. So I have taken on that task the past few days. Well, the spray paint I had used ran a little bit, so I got an exacto blade to pry it off, sand it down, do another coat and good to go, right? Wrong. So here I am with the car in my left hand, blade in my right, scraping towards myself, and I thought "Gee, I remember my mom and other authority figures telling me never to peel towards myself when peeling vegetables. Ha. I never cut myself with a peeler". Why did I think that an exacto knife was SAFER than a vegetable peeler? I have no freakin clue! But guess what! I cut myself. I sliced the tip of my finger pretty good, and I am quite certain that I cut through a nerve ending or two. Because this crap hurts. It hurts to do anything! It hurts to unlock my car, it hurts to pick up a bowl, everything! Oh, I forgot to mention, it's on my thumb. Not my right thumb, thankfully, but my left. You never realize how much you use your "off" thumb (left for righties, right for lefties). I figured hey, not too bad, I don't use my left thumb that much. Yeah....I was wrong about that too! See my common sense showing through? Sigh. So now starts the road to recovery and scar prevention.

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