Why do people ask for advice? I mean really! Simple things, like, "should I wear x outfit or z outfit?" are easy to advise upon, but when people ask deep and meaningful questions like "should I leave my husband?" chances are they have already made a decision and are just looking for someone to validate it. If someone says, "yes you should, your hubby is a dillhole" and the person seeking advice does not agree, then she would say "yes he is but only when he's drinking" or "yes I know, but I have nowhere else to go." Honestly, there are so many times when people will say the right thing to someone who has asked for advice, then that person doesn't take it! That happens all the time! Then later on down the road, that advisable person realizes the error of their ways, and the advice giver gets to say "I told you so!!" I wish people would stop asking me for advice. I tell then what I think is right. Then they tell me I am wrong and they don't agree. Well listen, YOU asked for my advice. You know me, you know what I think like, you know my beliefs, if you don't like the advice I give then DON'T ASK FOR IT! If you are looking for someone to agree with you, then say "please tell me I'm not crazy." That would do wonderfully.Kthxbye

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