So, as I was making dinner the other night, I realized my "scrap night" dinners come out better than the recipe ones! I just go through my cabinets, think hmmm, this would go great with chicken! throw it all together and voila! food! I have discovered that if you bake chicken in a vinegar based broth it is AWESOME! Although I normally add some oil and other things so it's not so tart. Last time I added some white cooking wine, and it rocked. I also had fresh cherry tomatoes and snow peas I bought at the farmer's market. Then of course the herbs and spices. It was soooo yummy I made it again the next night. But it started out as me thinking "I have to cook this chicken, and eat those tomatoes and peas before it all goes bad. What goes with it all? I could make stir fry. No, too much work. I have some red wine vinegar! I'll bake it!" and it all just went from there. And it was good. Same thing happened to me last time too! I had some sun dried tomatoes that I used for another recipe (that came out, eh, ok, I might add) and some chicken I needed to use. Threw it all together and low and behold, a yumm-o dinner!
     I wonder if this is an insight to life, too? I planned on going to college (I still do), planned on moving out of Texas, planned on a lot of things that haven't happened yet. But besides the fact that I hate this place, I'm pretty happy. I have a good life, even though it's like "scrap night" for me. I take the basics (me, Craig, and Texas) and add in things I think will go well with it. I guess everything is what you make it!


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