Why would anyone ever think it is okay to drink and drive? EVER? I know, "I'm not drunk" "It's not that far" are used a lot. But haven't you seen the commercials? Buzzed driving is drunk driving. And it doesn't take far to kill someone.
  Two of my friends growing up were killed by drunk drivers. The kicker? They weren't driving themselves! One was 15, and one was 13. The 15 year old wasn't even IN a car! He was on the side of the road! Why would someone want to endanger others like that, unless they were in fact a murderer?
  What gets me the most is people who say "I'm a good drunk driver!" or "I drive better than when I'm sober". NO no you don't. And there is no such thing as a good drunk driver, only lucky ones.
  Even worse than that, is the fact that everyone out here in TX seems to think it's okay! I know not EVERYONE, but the majority of people my age (mid-20's) drink and drive. I worked with a girl who lost her license because of a DWI. We used to live with a couple both of whom drove all the time drunk. Even now, when we go out with friends, you can tell the ones who are from this area because they are the ones who are willing to drink and drive. I mean seriously! There was one girl we went out with in her late 30's, when most people at least by that time have grown up, who was drinking and driving! And do you know what the signs say when you enter Texas? "Drinking and Driving: You can't afford the ticket". o.O really? Not "drinking and driving kills" or anything like that, because apparently people here don't care. It's about money. That is soooooo incredibly sad to me! Please people, stop being so selfish because you don't want to leave your car in a parking lot, or you don't want to shell out the money for a cab. If you kill someone, you will never forget it. You will probably end up paying for a lot more than if someone broke into your car, and it will probably be with prison time. If I had my way, I would put all drink and drivers in prison for life.  Because obviously they don't care about anyone else's life, so they shouldn't get to enjoy theirs.

Jerry Mathew
02/01/2011 11:01pm

Hehe I would like to start a similar argument about texting and driving OR <blank> and driving. Anything besides driving should be done when you're not driving. Yes?

02/07/2011 3:14pm

You are correct. I will admit I have been known to do things that distract from my driving abilities. Such as drinking coffee. I try to limit phone conversation to if I am super lost, and I will not text and drive, ever. I used to do all kinds of random things while driving, but common sense as I got older prevailed and taught me that I was a moron in my younger days. Drinking and driving, however, was never one of them.


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