I seriously have a problem getting motivated. Which got me to thinking, why is it so hard for me to get motivated when I don't do anything else all day, than it was when I was working? I would work a 40 hour workweek (at least) and come home and still find the energy somewhere to get the house in order. Now, however, not a chance. What is it that motivates us to get up, drag our butts out of bed, but not go any further? Maybe it's because I know it's not "required". For work, well, I can not go in if I choose, but I would get fired. At home, if I don't clean, I don't get fired. It just gets dirty. Maybe it's time to try and motivate myself. Make myself view the house as a job, and something I need to do. And then reward myself! Like, if I thoroughly clean the living room one day (which is a feat) then that night I will go out and buy myself a tub of ice cream. Hmmm...I wonder if that's what the problem is. For a job you get a paycheck. I have no incentive to do anything but sit on my butt all day. Incentives.....hmmmm.

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