Things are finally starting to take a turn for better! I am feeling more empowered by the route that choosing adoption has taken us. It was the hardest and saddest decision I have ever had to make, yes, but I feel like a much better person for it. It has opened my eyes, and allowed me to not take things for granted anymore. I am slowly coming out of my postpartum and regular depression, yay! and I managed to make it through without meds. I am finally finding some inner energy, and getting my groove back. The apartment is happier, it's cleaner now! I made myself a little checklist with things for me to do each day so I don't feel so overwhelmed. Might I add cats are a necessity for depression cures! ok, maybe not, but they helped. I wub my angels! And they enjoy me more now too, I am playing with them more! I also joined a local stamping group. Maybe some new friends are on the horizon! It would be nice to have some that are close. Craig is talking about going overseas on a year contract. The money would be nice, it would be nice to get so far ahead in just a year. I know it comes with a huge risk, but our soldiers take that risk every day. It would suck being over here by myself, but at the same time, when he comes home it will be like we are dating again, with butterflies and everything! For now though, I am going to focus on the present and the fact that my mood swings finally went in the up direction.

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