So...I know I've been slacking on the blog posts! Sorry! I was trying to get in all the time I had left with my Craig. He left this past sunday =o( BOOOOO. I misses him already. But for right now we're still talking a lot and such as he is only in AZ. Which is cool. We also joined a MINI club here in the DFW area. I have made some new friends already =oD. Went out tonight with them actually, had lots o fun. I was unsure if I was going to go or not, but I figured I should do what I can to get out of the house and I am super glad I did. I had a blast. Although it was a little unnerving driving Chucky (our MINI) in such traffic for the first time in a while, but I did swell. I figured I shouldn't worry as much as I do about it, because then I'll get all cramped up and it's just not pretty. So that's my blog-motto for the day! Don't sweat it. You'll cramp up!

12/08/2010 2:22pm

I found Metroplex MINI a bit over 5 years ago and I haven't met a more diverse group of thoughtful, friendly folks anywhere. Just by sharing the MINI passion, you are immediately a part of the family. Hope to see you soon.


12/08/2010 11:09pm

You are so right. I have been to a few HHSS and HHN's now, and I have had so much fun at every single event. And, I'm not even a 'car' person! I just like to drive it =oD. I do feel privileged to be a part of the family, though.


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